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Eddie Ramirez

San Jose CA.

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Eddie Ramirez is an artist and teacher who has lived in San Jose, California, for his entire life. Showing his talents at an early age, he excelled in the arts in both high school and college. Never wanting to be confined to one style, his art explores a wide range of styles and mediums. His main area of expertise is acrylic painting and his focus is on urban landscapes.


Growing up, Eddie's main influences were artists like Salvador Dali and M.C. Escher. Not only did he enjoy the subject matter of their work, but these artists made him realize the emotions that could be expressed through art and how one can convey different feelings through familiar objects. They inspired him to paint for himself and not conform to what the audience expects to see. Later in his career, Eddie discovered the works of James Gurney and found Gurney’s teachings and subjects to be similar to his own.


Eddie has always loved to draw. His teachers noticed this as early as elementary school and encouraged him to further pursue art. He took art classes through high school and into college. After college, he continued painting with friends, and eventually got his own studio with another fellow artist. Since then he has participated in multiple group shows, fairs, and live painting events. His passion for working with others also led him to work in an art group called “FUSE:presents” which is based out of the warehouse where his studio is. This group hosts art shows and other events to help promote artists in the San Jose area.

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